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I graduated with a Master of Education Degree, and ended up to work within IT almost by accident. But it became very clear from early on that my degree actually provides a great background for this job. Many issues within the IT field are caused by a lack of communication and misunderstandings between people; it has nothing to do with technology. Good inter-personal skills are needed.

At Bilot I started my career as Service Coordinator. I learned to listen to both customers and our consultants/developers. Soon I noticed that my job didn’t differ that much from a class teacher’s job, I just had bunch of 30-year-old consultants in my “class” :). I also learned a lot of IT world and technologies.

Later on I proceeded to work as Service Manager and then I continued the path to work as Customer Lead. I still do this work partly. My job as Customer Lead is to make sure that customers receive superior service from Bilot. It’s on my responsibility that the consultants know what customers are expecting from us and I make sure that we are constantly improving our service. Invoicing, reporting and resourcing are part of my daily tasks.

However after so many years of managing, I had a passion to do something myself. So I changed the direction of my career path. Currently I work mainly in our Design team as Service & UX Designer. I’ve always had a visual mind and I’m used to keeping customer’s best interest as my main goal. Designer’s main tool empathy is something which is very natural for me, but also something that was emphaticised during my Education studies. I’m a curious mind and love to learn about new business areas and people’s work tasks. After all these years managing other people’s work, I really enjoy putting myself out there, creating something new and being responsible of my own work.

Bilot supported my shift from Service Management to Service & UX Design by sponsoring my studies in the Open University. I have also had a chance to learn from my colleagues. A little push outside from your comfort zone is good from time to time!

My experience is that at Bilot everyone is encouraged to find their own path; it's also up to you to think what interests you, and to work towards that objective. I have really enjoyed our self-organizing company model. It’s important that everyone feels that they are responsible for their own work, and that they also have the freedom to change and improve things. I feel that at Bilot I’m appreciated as me.

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